Decorate with a hint of African

The most inviting interior designs maximize the use of timeless pieces. When exploring African and African-inspired home decor there is no lack of classic, timeless pieces. While browsing Etsy, I came across some wonderful pieces that would certainly add to the aesthetic of many homes.

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Childhood Gems

Dating back even a few decades ago there was not a whole lot of racial diversity among dolls. The black dolls available did not always accurately or attractively represent the beauty and complexity of dark skin.  Continue reading

Cultural Adornment: African Beads

One of my favorite things to bring back with me whenever I travel to Ghana are beads. These beads can come in the form of earrings, necklaces, bracelets and my absolute favorite waist beads. The beads are made of different materials including the traditional powdered glass, painted glass, wood, coral and the more modern plastic beads. I, personally, prefer the traditional looks, however it can be difficult to avoid some of the plastic jewel-like beads. Despite the material of the beads it is hard to resist the allure of these exquisite pieces of jewelry. The waist beads in particular have a way of making a woman feel like a beauty to be reckoned with. They are worn under the clothes, so only the lady wearing them knows that they are there, but the sheer knowledge of their presence can make you feel quite risqué. Take a look at some of these beautiful pieces of jewelry.

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The Fashionable Africanah

As a child I had always dreamed of wearing garments that incorporated Ankara fabric into wearable pieces in the western world. Over the past several years this has become a reality. Many fashion forward African designers are cropping up all over the world. Their vibrant and rich designs are creating a refreshing aesthetic in the world of fashion. In fact, African fashion has become a hot niche in the international fashion industry. Below are some of the garments and accessories that speak to the Africanah in me. You can find all of these looks on Etsy. Enjoy!

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