My Hair is Not for Touching

I went to the A & C Plaza with a few cousins. Yes, we roll deep. We went to a dessert café and ran into one of my cousin’s acquaintances. Introductions were made and as the man was shaking my hand he reached with his other hand to touch my hair. Weird right? Well, actually it’s not so weird. In the US random people have tried to touch my hair. I know that it is out of curiosity, but I still don’t like my hair being touched and therefore, my automatic reflex is to shrink away from the reaching fingers. Surprisingly, the man seemed somewhat offended that I had rejected his invading appendage. He vowed that one day he would in fact touch my hair. True to his word, the man was persistent. After doing a bit of shopping we ran into him and he attempted to invade my personal space once again. After rejecting him a second time he asked “ Hasn’t anyone tried to touch your hair before?” I replied, “Yes, but no one has ever been this persistent”. That seemed to put a stop to his inappropriate behavior.

It is interesting to note that wherever you are in the world people are curious about the unknown. One could assume that since African people should know what natural hair looks like, they wouldn’t be intrigued by locs. Not a lot of people have locs in Ghana, so the gentleman’s curiosity was understandable. However, I think that many people the world over could use a lesson in respecting personal space.

Photo Credit: bandita CC BY-SA 2.0

3 thoughts on “My Hair is Not for Touching

  1. Oh my God! When I was little some random creepy old man touched my hair like that and I was so disgusted I chopped it off, my parents didnt understand why I wanted to cut my hair so short. You handled that well!!

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