12 Hours and Twenty Dollars in Dubai

My flight landed at about 7:30pm. Getting out of the airport was quick and easy. I changed 20 dollars into 70 AED, caught the shuttle to my hotel, checked in, dropped my bags off in my room, and caught a complimentary buffet dinner in the hotel restaurant. The dinner was pretty darn good and the dessert was even better. By about 10:00pm I was ready to hit the city. 

image After making a few inquiries I learned that the GGICO train station was right behind the hotel, it would cost me 8 AED, and it would take about 20 minutes to get to the Dubai Mall train station. Since the last train back to the hotel leaves the Dubai Mall station at 11:20pm, I wasn’t left with much time at all. Nonetheless, I decided that even if I was only there for less than an hour it would be worth it, so off I went. I purchased my one-way train ticket, swiped in through the access gates and then tossed the used card back in my bag. I arrived at the Dubai Mall and tried to exit through the access gates, but the gates wouldn’t open. I looked to my right and observed a gentleman use his metro card to swipe out of the station, but my card was lost somewhere in my hand bag, so I backtracked to a quiet corner of the station, searched for my card, and then finally swiped out of the station. image image I followed the signs to the Dubai Mall. They took me to a catwalk with moving walkways on either side. I estimated that the entire length of the walk had to be about one mile. I walked on the moving walkways the entire time, but it still took me approximately 15 minutes to reach the mall. image


It didn’t take me long to get suckered into a tourist trap. I came out with three beautiful handmade dishes that were made in…Turkey. Yes, I know, I went to Dubai to purchase souvenirs from Turkey, but, to my defense, they were gorgeous. The asking price was 20 AED each, but I only had 62 AED left after buying my train ticket and I needed 8 AED to get home, so I told the attendant that I wanted 3 dishes, but only had 50 AED. She said “No Problem” and I walked out with my loot in hand. image I wandered the mall for another 15 minutes. Once I saw just how massive it was I decided that there was no point looking around. I was better off being safe and heading back to the train station. I didn’t get very many pictures of the outdoors because it was dark and also, ever since stepping foot in the GGICO station I was indoors the whole way into the mall and back. I got back to my hotel safely at about 11:20pm and turned in for the night. image image P.S. The hotel room was great except for one event. I woke up in the middle of the night because I was freezing. I raised the thermostat to a higher temperature and then turned down the fan. Immediately upon doing so, the thermostat started sparking and a thick smoke began to rise from the unit. I immediately put the AC back on full blast, which seemed to solve the problem. I went back to my icy bed and devised an escape plan in case the thermostat decided to burst into flames while I slept. It was a cold, cold night… image


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