My Hair is Not for Touching

I went to the A & C Plaza with a few cousins. Yes, we roll deep. We went to a dessert café and ran into one of my cousin’s acquaintances. Introductions were made and as the man was shaking my hand he reached with his other hand to touch my hair. Continue reading


12 Hours and Twenty Dollars in Dubai

My flight landed at about 7:30pm. Getting out of the airport was quick and easy. I changed 20 dollars into 70 AED, caught the shuttle to my hotel, checked in, dropped my bags off in my room, and caught a complimentary buffet dinner in the hotel restaurant. The dinner was pretty darn good and the dessert was even better. By about 10:00pm I was ready to hit the city. 

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En Route to Dubai

I am currently suspended in the air somewhere halfway between Boston and Dubai. From the inside of my cabin I could swear it is nighttime, but it is actually broad daylight. So far, this has been my most enjoyable flight experience to date. This is my first time flying Emirates and if I can help it I will be flying emirates exclusively from now on.
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