Supporting African organizations in Ebola relief efforts.

Over the past several days I am sure many of you have noticed relief fundraising campaigns popping up on the sites of major internet institutions such as Google and Facebook. When you donate through Facebook or Google your charity will be channeled through non-African relief organizations. It is truly wonderful that these companies are generating the much needed funds to help combat Ebola.

I, however, will not be donating to these companies and here is why. Don’t get me wrong, in the face of this crisis anyone and everyone should be assisting in the fight against Ebola, whether you are Black, blue, French, or Russian. However, I see a future where Africans are spearheading these relief efforts. In order to support the growth of major African relief organizations I have decided to donate to African charities.

I will support the fundraisers that are intimately tied to the agenda at hand. The institutions that cannot go home after the job is done because they are already home. These are the organizations that will be responsible about the way that Africa is represented. They will combine their active relief efforts with maintaining the dignity of the victims of Ebola. To me, donating to an African organization means that I am supporting permanent growth and stabilization of the African communities that have been devastated by Ebola.

Africa Responds is an organization that distributes funds to African relief efforts working on the ground. Ebola poses a multifaceted problem that attacks many aspects of the affected population. Africa Responds, in turn, channels relief efforts to combat Ebola in multiple dimensions. Funds entrusted to Africa Responds will be used to assist in supplying personal protective equipment, food assistance, messaging campaigns, educational campaigns, orphan support, facilitation of foster care, and psychosocial support amongst other relief goals. This is my choice organization to support and I am excited to witness Africa Responds affect change in the fight against Ebola.

Africa in Hearts by, CC4.0
Africa in Hearts by, CC4.0

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