Decorate with a hint of African

The most inviting interior designs maximize the use of timeless pieces. When exploring African and African-inspired home decor there is no lack of classic, timeless pieces. While browsing Etsy, I came across some wonderful pieces that would certainly add to the aesthetic of many homes.

"Decorative Pillows" by JuneThirty
Decorative Pillows” by JuneThirty
"Asipim Chair" by TribalArtTreasures
Asipim Chair” by TribalArtTreasures
"African Wax Print Storage Basket" by BeenAndDone
African Wax Print Storage Basket” by BeenAndDone
"Gold Dust Box" by TribalArtTreasures
Gold Dust Box” by TribalArtTreasures
"African wax print quilt" by ChilliPeppa
African wax print quilt” by ChilliPeppa
"Cream eggshell bowl" by InteriorofAfrica
Cream eggshell bowl” by InteriorofAfrica

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