Childhood Gems

Dating back even a few decades ago there was not a whole lot of racial diversity among dolls. The black dolls available did not always accurately or attractively represent the beauty and complexity of dark skin. It is wonderful that today there are more options for young ladies of different complexions. The dolls featured in this article were hand crafted by actual people. These childhood gems are available through Etsy. Today’s toy industry comprises a market that is saturated with toys manufactured by large corporations. It is refreshing to know that one can still purchase dolls from people that carefully craft each item with love.

"Lucy" by lespetitesmainsS
Lucy” by lespetitesmainsS
"Millie" by thebuslbarn
Millie” by thebuslbarn
"Mia" by ruedubonheur
Mia” by ruedubonheur
"Handmade black cloth doll" by SwankyJanes
Handmade black cloth doll” by SwankyJanes
"Rag Doll" by ZazoMini
Rag Doll” by ZazoMini
"Aviva Makena" by Patatene
Aviva Makena” by Patatene


2 thoughts on “Childhood Gems

  1. This was nice to see as it’s something that sits quite close to my heart. I remember as a child being saddened that when my mother’s birthday rolled around and I couldn’t find any cards with black faces on. Having to go to specific sites for something that pedestrian made a mark in my head, so this was refreshing to read. Thanks.


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